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This Trader works with WebFunds 1.8.1 and later. Check the WebFunds README for details of the latest WebFunds. but note that this Trader does not work with WebFunds 1.7.6 and earlier, and 1.8.0 had a killer bug in it.

Getting it Going


You can use Plugins / UpgradesManager from within WebFunds (versions 1.8.1 and later) to install this package. Type or cut&paste the URL above into the URL box and hit Go! to download. Then, select the package and hit Install Upgrade.

Previous versions of WebFunds could not download, but once downloaded manually, you could use File / Explorer to add the package and then install it into the right place.


The contents of the distributed zip file are unzipped in the directory plugins within your WebFunds, preserving the directory structure within the zip file.

Inside the plugins directory, there will be a further tree Trader/Trader-x-y-z where x-y-z is the version number.


Then restart your WebFunds. The new Trader should be found automatically.


V 1.0.9

V 1.0.8

V 1.0.7

V 1.0.6

V 1.0.5

V 1.0.4

V 1.0.3

V 1.0.2


Trader-1.0.0 is junk and can be disposed of.

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